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Wildlife Safari & Reserves - Kenya

When it comes to game-viewing, there is nowhere in Africa richer in wildlife or more eventful in encounters than the Mara. A pristine wilderness of haunting beauty, it promises its visitors a profusion of wildlife, prolific bird life and the unprecedented opportunity of catching up with all the members of the 'Big Five' in one morning.

Lake Naivasha is one of Kenya’s most stunning Rift Valley freshwater lakes. It is surrounded by feathery papyrus, marshy lagoons and grassy shores. The lake itself is not technically a national park as most of the land around the lake is privately owned, but there are enough wildlife attractions to warrant a listing.

This park is renowned for its elephants, who may be seen in herds over 100 strong drinking from the surface springs. There are so many of them that their penchant for pushing down trees is destroying the habitat that sustains them. Big old bull elephants carry some of the largest tusks to be seen anywhere in Africa and is a renowned feature of this park.

Lake Nakuru, a small (it varies from 5 to 30 sq km) shallow alkaline lake on the edge of the town of Nakuru lies about 160 km north of Nairobi. It can therefore be visited in a day tour from the capital or more likely as part of a circuit taking in the Masai Mara or Lake Baringo and east to Samburu.

Tsavo National Park is the largest park in Kenya and was established on 1st April, 1948. Tsavo National Park was split into East and West for administrative purposes. The two parks are divided by Nairobi-Mombasa railway and road.

The park is located on south eastern Kenya, 240km from Nairobi along the western side of Mombasa-Nairobi highway. The savannah ecosystem comprises of open grasslands, scrublands, and Acacia woodlands, belts of riverine vegetation and rocky ridges.

Where to Stay While Visiting Samburu:
Larsens Camp | Samburu Intrepids | Samburu Lodge | Samburu Serena
Samburu game reserve is essentially lava plain that features steep sided gullies and rounded hills wherein the 32-kilometre Uaso Nyiro River provides both the central feature of the landscape and the lifeblood of the ecosystem.

Where to Stay While Visiting Lake Baringo:
Lake Baringo Club | Samatian camp
On the shores of Lake Baringo, 285 km northwest of Nairobi nestles Lake Baringo Club. Palm trees, green lawns and the clashing red and pink bougainvillea that thrives in hot steamy days surround the club.

Where to Stay While Visiting Lake Bogoria:

Lake Baringo club
Most of the area covered by these two reserves - about 197 square kilometers - is occupied by Lake Bogoria.

Kakamega Forest National Reserve is the only tropical rainforest in Kenya, left over from past millenia when dense rain forest stretched from West Africa, across Central Africa and into the highland areas on the west and eastern walls of the Great Rift Valley.

Welcome to the KISUMU  Site which is dedicated to the people  who were or are residing in Kisumu   (Kenya). Kisumu is a town on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya –East Africa. Most of us remember Kisumu with great fondness due to various reasons.

One of the highlights of the western tourist circuit is this village which offers furnished cottages named after American states, writes HAROLD AYODO
A visit to the ancestral home of US President Barack Obama in Nyangoma village, Siaya County is a treat.

Mombasa has undoubtedly one of the best white sandy beaches in Africa. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean cater to all types of tourists: those looking for a quiet swim, a place for kids to play, deep-sea fishing, and water sports activities such as scuba diving and sailing. When coupled with its large selection of beachfront hotels, Mombasa becomes an ideal place for a vacation.

Malindi is located north of Mombasa Island and can be reached by driving on the Mombasa-Malindi road. The town's history is reputed to go back a thousand years but it can only be reliably dated to the 13th century by Arabic records and dated pottery shards. Many hotels serve the town whose main beach sweeps for 7 km round Malindi Bay.

Lamu is not a typical tropical beach holiday. Do not expect to find beaches swept by attendants and dotted with fiercely contested umbrellas and sun-loungers. There are no parasails or large yellow inflatables being towed up and down the channel nor are there beach bars every twenty metres.