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There are many options available when it comes to choosing the perfect African Safari adventure. Variations can include region, duration and the specifics of what you are hoping to see once you are there. Planning is crucial in order to avoid the disappointment of spending three weeks watching hippos wallow when actually you wanted to see lions playing with their cubs! Kenya is possibly the main place many safari lovers think of when considering their adventure and not without good reason! The great migration of Wildebeest every June is said to be one of the most breath-taking experiences visitors can have. the sights, sounds and smells generated by in excess of a million of these majestic creatures makes for one of the most awe inspiring sensory feasts one could experience. In addition to wildebeest are Zebra, Lions and Hyena and for those who wish to take their experience to the edge of the Mara river, swelled by the heavy rains, the giant crocodiles await. Variations to the traditional safari include Hot Air Balloon Safaris that allow the traveller to witness the treasures of the Kenyan plains from a different angle entirely. The birds` eye view gives a spectacular panoramic perspective to the wildlife below resulting in the opportunity to see a whole host of creatures in their natural habitats. Bird watching Safaris are also a popular ! alternative to lion and elephant spotting. Consider Tanzania as a destination - home of the Serengeti wildlife reserve and the destination for the migrating wildebeest. Large herds of Zebra and the breeding Gnus can be seen here. Whilst in Tanzania, why not venture to the Ngorongoro Crater - a geological wonder created by the collapse of an enormous volcano, or visit the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro.

If a Mountain Gorilla encounter is more at the heart of your dreams then you cannot afford to miss the opportunity to visit Uganda. It is here you will find specialist safaris that will take you through the Bwindi impenetrable forest and to the homes of some of the last surviving wild mountain gorillas. Specialist permits are needed for these visits so bookings need to be made months in advance. Following your journey to the land of the big apes, a trip to Lake Mburo National Park is highly recommended. Here you will see a variety of game including Zebra, Impala, buffalo and hippo as well as a selection from the hundreds of species of birds the Park is home to. For info visit Inside Africa Budget Safaris. Once you know where you are going, a visit to your GP will ensure you are protected health wise. Vaccinations and Anti Malaria tablets should be offered as a minimum.